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Useful Links
Here are a list of sites which may be of interest to you.

Aeronautics - Recommended European RC Web Shop
AVL-Extended Vortex Lattice Model (Drela)
B2Streamlines-fliying wing and glider aeronautics
CG & MAC Calc, Trim Chart, Canard info
NASG - MPA info & airfoil database
See How It Flies-Aeronautics Book
Truefly - ornithopter
UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group-Selig

Clubs & Mags

South Warwickshire Electric Flyers
British Electric Flight Association
Charles River Radio Controllers
Electric Flight in Colorado- Chuck Gadd calculators
Fly Electric-David Theunissen
GJKool-motors, depron, EDF
Glasgow Barnstormers - excellent links
Ken Myers-the Future is Electric
Mike Sayer's site
Neckar-Verlag - Der Slowflyer und Parkflyer site
Paul Gleeson's F5B Home Page
Peter Angus
RCezine Monthly Articles and Reviews - Cover Page
RCModelFlyers - Index
Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego
Stefan's Electric R-C Web Site
Stratford on Avon
The E Zone
Tom Rust-vidcam
Tords site


12bit $55 A2D Kit
15 VOLTS up to  40 AMPS for  $25
Base loaded antenna
Datenlogger-speed & altitude
Electronic Gadgets for Radio Control
EMS Jomar-speed+altidude loggers's How Electric Motors Work
Ken Hewitt RC-elecrtronics
Parallel port DAC
Risto Kõiva's Homepage-excellent RC interface & info
Supercircuits Inc.


Johan Byurling's Slow-flight pages
Matt's Micro Electric Powered Planes
MicroMag Radio Control-Rick Ruijsink

Motors, Cells, F5B, F5D

Austrian F5D
Beakman's Electric Motor
Brushless Motor Control Tutorial
Delago Website
Electric Pylon Racing
Elektromodellflug - Datenbank BRILLIANT
G2 Consulting - Motor Design and Power Electronics- excellent
LRK Site - English
Magtrol - motor testing and torque measurement
Micheal Franz Motor Site (Kontronics)
MicroMo Application Notes
New Test Stand Design
Peter Frach`s-lots of tests
Pylon Addiction-Troy Peterson
Sanyo Specs
The home of F5B in the UK LRK-Torquemax Elektromotoren
Torquemax LRK- english
Torquemax Motoren von Frank Schwaab
Torquemax-Simple Performance Measurements on Electric Motors
TorquemaxLRK-Motoren - Detlev Koch
Yahoo! Groups lrk-torquemax

Out runner - LRK vs magnets combinations
G2 Consulting - Motor Design and Magnetism course
Gertjan Kool-good LRK info (English)
halback patent
LRK Paper
LRK windings Delta & Y comparison
Max Rivers - Home to Torcman Brushless Motors in the UK
Motor Efficiency Calculator
Peter Rother LRK Site
Producing wound components-Surrey Uni excellent tutorial
Super Magnets - Mr George
Teeth-Poles table-good
Van den Hul AWG to Metric Conversion Chart
WIRES.CO.UK Online Catalogue

Scale & EDF

Bob's Aircraft Documentation
Eduardospage-inedesca-3 views
Electric Ducted Fan X32b VTOL Project - UK based shop provides plastic aircraft model, plastic vehicle models, plastic ship models, military vehicles model, military figures, maritime vessels and dioramas.
Buying a digital camera or camcorder - 3 Wise Monkeys combines the efficiency of a large corporate with the friendliness and customer care of a small family concern. Huge product range and a wealth of information and advice including digital cameras & camcorders.

Heating Products

Cast Iron Radiator Centre - The Cast Iron Radiator Centre is one of the UK's leading suppliers of cast iron radiators, cast iron radiator valves & cast radiator accessories.

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